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The DRINK THING website was developed as part of the Tasmanian Early Intervention Program (TEIP). The aim of TEIP is to provide assistance for young people aged 18 years and under found in possession of or consuming alcohol by Tasmania Police by referring them to the Alcohol and Drug Service for a brief intervention. Early intervention aligns with the harm reduction approaches of the National Drug Strategy and Tasmanian Drug Strategy 2013-2018.

This mobile-responsive website has been developed by a Steering Committee comprising representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management, the Department of Education, the State Alcohol and Drug Service and the Drug Education Network, with the Mental Health Alcohol and Drug Directorate undertaking the project lead.

The DRINK THING has been designed as a brief intervention tool to be used in a range of settings and on different device types such as desktop computers, smartphones and tablets across most popular internet browsers.  DRINK THING is for young people, their friends, parents, schools and other professionals to help them learn more about the harms associated with alcohol use and ways to stay safe.

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